Online Therapy

1901817685Life is “too much” right now

You’re stuck in a never-ending whirlwind of overwhelm and confusion, and it’s taking a toll on your mind and body, leaving you wondering, “How did I even get here?”

You’re constantly battling your emotions, feeling lost, and struggling to make sense of your thoughts. You’ve given it your all and tried every trick in the book, but you still don’t see a path forward. Whether it’s work, family, or friends, you need a solution that fits into your busy schedule, and someone who specializes in what you’re dealing with.

Young professional women in Georgia…

I’m here to help you navigate the complexities of anxiety, stress, or OCD so you feel lighter and more optimistic about life. Through our secure, HIPAA-compliant online therapy sessions, I give you the flexibility to create a comfortable and safe therapeutic space that suits your needs. I’ve had clients do sessions from their couch, car, and office space before, so it’s whatever works for you!

1671374527Online therapy checks all the right boxes

Therapy that fits into your busy schedule… check.

A space that’s comfortable for you… check.

Consistent meetings while you’re on the road in Georgia… check.

Getting started is easy

(1) Book a free 15-minute consultation.

Ask anything you want to ask. We’ll get a feel for each other and see if we’re a good fit to work together. If we are, we’ll move onto step two.

(2) Book your first online therapy session.

During your first 60-minute online session, we’ll discuss what’s going on and some general housekeeping to determine the best way to move forward.

(3) Start meeting online!

We’ll talk regularly through video or audio-only sessions. The frequency and duration of therapy depend on your goals.

Don’t wait any longer to start living the happy and fulfilling life you’ve always wanted.

Get back in the driver’s seat of life by scheduling that free 15-minute consultation!